CDI/Peek Research relies on a combination of rigorous ethnographic research methods derived from the most forward-thinking areas of business strategy, academic theory and design practice.

Employing such techniques as in-depth user interviews, usability studies, contextual observation and process audits, CDI/Peek identifies new and unarticulated opportunities and enhancements. These discoveries are rooted in a true understanding of the user’s increasing expectation of quality goods and services offered in a context rich with positive experiences.

Expertise Includes:
• A(x4) Contextual Observations (Ethnographic-like Observational Studies)
• Needs Analyses
• Usability Studies (Product, Interface and Environmental)
• Design and Facilitation of Focus Group Studies
• In-depth Interviews
• Mystery Shopping
• Surveys (Phone, Face-to-face and Web-based)
• Factoral Analyses
• Lead-User Brainstorming Sessions
• Environmental Audits
• Process Audits